Elizabeth Wyld

Elizabeth Wyld is a New York City-based singer-songwriter from rural Northern Virgina.
A year and a half ago, she found herself completely unable to speak for several months, finally being diagnosed with unilateral vocal fold paralysis. She was told she may never sing again. Many of her intimate, indie-folk tunes originated out of that period of silence, dealing with themes of power, loss, love, and frustration. Struggling to make ends meet as her livelihood was taken away, she found solace in the melodies that would eventually guide her into the music scene. “I grew up doing theater, so I was always playing a role. Songwriting has allowed me to begin to discover who I am. I think I’ve been neglecting to figure that out for years. When I write music, I feel like I’m finding home.” Said Wyld.
Fortunately, Wyld was able to recover after a minor surgery and months of recovery. She has since played her music for audiences around New York City at venues such as Mercury Lounge, Pete’s Candy Store, Rockwood Music Hall and others. Her very first single “Strange Love” produced by Oscar Rodriguez and Zach Jones of A Great Big World, will be released at the end of March.